ShatteredClan is not really a clan, through it is a group of rogues, or soldiers, as they call themselves. Cats training to become soldiers are known as recruits. Nursing she-cats are simply called queens, as with normal clans, while the youngest are called kittens. Since ShatteredClan stirs up trouble a lot, many cats don't live past around 70 moons. However, those that do, or those who are permanently injured, are called senior cats. They are not required to participate in battle, and soldiers and recruits must protect them. There is no need for a medicine cat, as all cats except kittens are taught basic medical skills. So this group does share some similarities to the clans, however ShatteredClan is normally the clans greatest threat.


​Cheif:Scratch-brown tom with many scars and amber eyes; RP'd by Racer

Second in Command: Sting- light ginger tom with black ears and sharp yellow eyes; RP'd by Peacey


Chimera - calico she-cat with amber eyes. RP'd by: Whiskers

Indigo - dark gray tabby tom. RP'd by: Whiskers




Senior Cats:Available