Smoke is a very rare tortoiseshell and black tom with yellow-green eyes and a nick in his right ear. He has both his front paws and left back paw black-furred, and his back right leg is white. He has a black muzzle with orange patches and a black splotch over his right eye and forehead.

He was born in a Twoleg barn, to a kittypet named Graham and a loner named Aspen. He and his siblings were adopted by a Twoleg neighbor of Graham's Twoleg. However, at about seven moons of age, he decided the kittypet life was not for him, so he left the home forever to become a rogue. He lived on the edge of SilverClan territory, hunting off of what they couldn't catch. However, now he knows that he won't be able to survive if he does not join a clan, so he decided to join SiverClan. He is currently awaiting the choice the Clan will have to make.